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Harnett Accountants in Twickenham talk the new Workplace Pensions Cost

Harnett Accountants in Twickenham are here to tell you that a compulsory pension scheme for all employees is to be introduced over four years from October 2012. The largest employers (120,000 or more employees) will be forced to sign up first. Those who employ less than 50 workers will be required to take part in […]

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Tax Efficiency tip from your Accountants in West London

As Accountants in West London we are often asked by business owners about tax efficiency. For instance, when extracting the profits from your company. And with the help from Harnett Accountants in Richmond you can minimise the tax and NI bill. The Taxman prefers you to take all company profits in the form of a […]

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Paying PAYE on time – Tax advice from your Richmond accountants

As accountants in Richmond we are fully aware of the lack of employment in today’s climate and how money is incredibly tight for a lot of us out there. Yet, even for the lucky few of us with an income, we still need to remember to pay those PAYE and other Payroll deductions to HMRC. […]

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