Are You Missing Out On Valuable Tax Savings And R&D Grants? Harnett Accountants Wimbledon Investigate

British businesses may be missing out on millions of pounds of R&D grants available from the government according to accountants Wimbledon. This may be because they simply don’t know that they are entitled to receive extra relief, or simply think it’s too much hassle. The April 2012 budget increased the amount of relief available for R&D projects to 225% (from 200%) in order to try and encourage businesses to develop and keep investing in long term solutions which may help the UK economy get back on track.

It is thought that the majority of businesses missing out simply aren’t aware that they are entitled to receive extra tax relief. However, businesses can back date their claims, so the payments could be very substantial. If you think that your business might qualify for this tax relief and want to find out more, get in contact with Harnett accountants Wimbledon and we will arrange a one hour no obligation consultation to discuss all of your accounting and financial planning needs. Also you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Additionally, you can keep reading our daily blogs.


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