Harnett Accountants Kingston – The Importance of Cash Flow

Harnett Accountants Kingston brings you this report from accountancy age. It seems that many businesses are unwittingly acting as a bank for their clients, sending out late or incorrect invoices at the expense of their own cash flow security:”

“A recent CFO survey by Deloitte highlighted the importance of cost control and cash flow management. However, the dynamics of a competitive and fragile market has led many businesses to focus on prioritising growth opportunities and hoarding cash reserves to fund working capital, leaving cash flow as a secondary concern. As a result, delayed payments are leading many professional services organisations- those who bill clients for their time and services- to function often unwittingly, as a bank for their clients…”

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Reliable cash flow is essential in order to be prepared for unexpected circumstances or to meet payment demands from creditors. If you need advice about making your business more efficient, and making sure that your cash flow is consistent and reliable, contact Harnett Accountants Kingston and we will arrange a free one hour no obligation consultation. Also you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Additionally, you can keep reading our daily blogs.


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