Harnett Accountants Kingston – Stamp Duty Loophole Closed by HMRC

Harnett Accountants Kingston brings you this article from Accountancy Age, reporting that the taxman has won a major victory by shutting down a stamp duty tax loophole.

“The Taxman has claimed a significant victory in a tribunal in its continued fight against tax avoidance schemes.

Durham-based property company Vardy Property took advantage of a regulation initially devised to prevent double taxation. It wanted to avoid paying £290,000 of stamp duty on the £7.25m purchase of a business park in Stockton-on-Tees in 2006.

The sub-sale relief was intended to exempt legitimate intermediaries, for example house-builders, from paying stamp duty twice – first after buying the land, and then after selling the completed house.”

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This is seen as a significant victory by the taxman as it sends a clear message that using legitimate tax schemes to avoid tax will be spotted and clamped down on by HMRC.

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