Our Accountants Twickenham say yes to claiming your Linkedin subscription as a company expense

The social/business networking site Linkedin is a great way for companies/businesses to generate work and socialise with potential co-workers. Recently Harnett Accountants Twickenham have received several queries about whether this and similar business networking site’s subscription fees are a tax allowable expense for their company.

We at Harnett Accountants Twickenham were more than happy to inform them that Linkedin’s subscription fee was in fact a Tax allowable expense, along with any other expense spent to generate work for your business. We do advise however, that when using Linkedin, if you subscribe in your name rather than the name of your company, the company would be paying your personal subscription fee and so it may be regarded as payment in kind.

Furthermore, as Linkedin doesn’t appear on the list of approved professional organisations whose subscriptions are tax allowable for employees, the Taxman will argue that there should be a personal tax charge. So it’s necessary for you to prove that there is only a business purpose to your subscription before making your claim.

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