Our Twickenham Accountants office tell us it’s OK to “Question that Taxman”

As Accountants in Richmond we have noticed that, like the rest of the country, in the Twickenham/Hampton/Teddington area people are very reluctant to question the Taxman when they see something that doesn’t add up.

One of our clients recently contacted our Twickenham Accountants office to say they’d received two Tax calculations although she hadn’t completed tax returns for those years due to short-term contract employment. Harnett Accountants advised her to first check the tax computations against her prior P60/P45 forms and any payslips for those tax years in question. We can help with this. From completing this it was clear that the Tax affairs of our client from Kingston were in order, meaning she could ask HMRC to write-off the tax underpaid from that year under Extra Statutory Concession A19. If it had transpired that the Taxman was correct, our client could have asked for the Tax payment to be collected over the next 36 months to ease the process.

Harnett Accountants in Richmond are more than happy to advise you on your Tax repayments, offering a free one-hour, no obligation consultation. Alternatively, keep your eyes peeled for more daily blogs from your favourite accountants in West London.


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