Ask your Accountants West London Business Claiming back VAT

As accountants in West London we know that money is hard to hold onto, which is why our favourite moments are when you can claim back that sneaky VAT charge. Our team of accountants in west London are often asked by private companies about this matter and if there are any tips/hints that could be passed on.

For example, recently a client from Wimbledon asked one of our wimbledon accountants if he could reclaim a VAT charge on the cost of some equipment he had purchased even though his company wouldn’t become VAT registered until later this year.

Harnett Accountants in Richmond were pleased to inform him that any VAT on equipment or goods purchased 3 years prior to his VAT registration would be applicable to claim back, as long as they were still held at the date it became effective and the original invoices were provided. Additionally we told him how he could reclaim the VAT paid on any of his VAT returns within the first 3 years of becoming VAT registered.

This was great news for our client and his business. If you are in a similar situation then why not contact Harnett Accountants or stay tuned for more daily blogs on all your accountancy needs from your favourite accountants in Richmond.

Remember we offer a free, no-obligation consultation from one of our team of accountants in West London where you can get any questions you have answered.


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